Radical acceptance

What happens when you radically accept who you are, where you are, with whom you are together and with whom not? When you look back to the past, accept both the defeats and the victories and have no regrets? I often want to reach that state of being. It would free me from so many illusions and enjoy the moment.

Did you know that illusions are attributed to the Third Eye Chakra in my book The Chronicles of the Tiny Island? If you overcome that shadow — the illusions — you will free your mind and prepare for a beautiful future.

Ash Phoenix


Where to buy my book?

Many people have asked me where to buy my book. So far, it is only available as a traditional hardcover book at Bookcourt, Mauritius and online with Temple Publishing.

Order: orders@bookcourt.mu

Online: https://www.temple-publications.com/product/the-chronicles-of-the-tiny-island/

Soon, the book will also be available to an international audience as a book on Amazon.

The Chronicles of the Tiny Island
The Chronicles of the Tiny Island

The animals in my novel – 1. Brown Bear

One of the most lovable characters of my fiction novel The Chronicles of the Tiny Island is the Brown Bear.

‘The Tigress met the Brown Bear, who admired her. They became friends and shared a passion for underwater walks.

The Brown Bear dreamt of bringing flying balloons to the Tiny Island. He was a skilful and creative inventor of exciting new things that were appreciated by many animals.’

Ash Phoenix, The Chronicles of the Tiny Island

The bear sniffs a tree. Brown bear in the summer pine forest. Scientific name: Ursus arctos. Natural habitat. Summer season.


Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence– whether much that is glorious– whether all that is profound– does not spring from disease of thought– from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.” Edgar Allen Poe

How beautiful is that quote? What is crazy and what is not? Always a matter of perspective …

What would you do if you were not longer afraid?

My answer to the blog Pointless Overthinking https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/90611393/posts/3322108185#comments

If I were no longer afraid, I had only conquered one of seven, and the most basic of all shadows. Six more shadows left.

The questions should be

What would you do if you had no fears, no guilt, no anger, no sorrows, no lies, no illusions and no attachments?

My answer: you would be free.

Visit the Vortex of Riambel and the two signposts and you would better understand how to release your shadows and embrace the light.

Those are the shadows to release. Try to meditate on them.

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